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Opening Arguments

And so it goes, and goes and goes

I sort of hoped we'd have a small break of at least a few weeks to catch our breath and calm down before the fall election onslaught. But apparently there will be no rest:

As he celebrated with supporters at an Indianapolis hotel ballroom, Coats railed against Obama and said Indiana "absolutely cannot afford to elect someone to the United States Senate who will enable this radical to the move to the left. Folks, anyone who has voted to reappoint Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House cannot be trusted to protect Indiana's interests."

Ellsworth issued a videotaped statement, saying he shared Hoosiers' frustration with Washington.

"That's why I'm running, because we need folks who will listen and work together to get things done, no matter what party you're from," he said. "That's been my approach as sheriff, in Congress, and it's what I'll do in the Senate."

Though he never mentioned Coats by name, it was clear whom he was talking about when he said that he'd work for "everyday Hoosiers and their priorities, and not the big special-interest lobbyists in Washington."

Since they've both spent so much time in Washington and are each asking to spend another six years there, it's a darn shame they hate the place so much. I'm not sure what all of "Indiana's interests" are, but I'm pretty sure I'm an "everyday Hoosier," so I'd best be deciding what my priorities are.