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Opening Arguments

And then there were three

So long, Giants. Goodbye, Vikings. It was fun yesterday to watch the Colts so handily stay, with the Saints and the Brocos, in the undefeated column. As the Times reminds, this is the first NFL season with three undefeated teams after Week 7. But also:

Is also seems to be the first time in N.F.L. history that so many teams look so utterly helpless.

[. . .]

"I can't remember an NFL season with this many bad teams,” said Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay Kornegay, who has been in the business for 22 years. “No doubt, it was the worst day ever for the books.

I also came across this Kent Sterling piece about why Peyton Manning is so much fun to watch:

If you want to be great at something, you have to do something you love.  That's a pretty solid rule, and I can't think of an exception.  Peyton Manning is at the top of the list of the standard bearers for that rule.  I've watched almost every play for which he's ever been under center, and I can't recall a moment when I thought that Manning was anything other than thrilled to be in the heat of competition in the NFL.

The guy just loves who he is and what he does, and that makes watching the games a lot more yable. I'm a longtime bears fan, too, but, man, there's no joy there this year.

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Mon, 10/26/2009 - 4:35pm

Sure, but Brett Favre loves what he's doing, too. No he doesn't. Now he does. Now he doesn't. Does. Doesn't. I'll get back to you. Maybe.