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Opening Arguments

Another dangerous criminal off the streets

Martha just had to get to that yoga class, so now she's got to do three more weeks in the joint. Of course, her joint is nicer than most of our joints. I could be a pretty good agoraphobic if I tried. I once spent a whole vacation week by stocking up on everything I'd need and never leaving the house once. Put an ankle bracelet on me and stick me in Martha's house, and I'd be happy for at least a year or two.

Since Martha can afford to bring anything into her house she doesn't already have, including every yoga instructor in New York, we are left to presume that she was merely expressing contempt for the legal system that confined her. Hard to blame her. Prosecutors have been either inept or indifferent to executives who really ripped off their shareholders and customers, so going after the fashion Nazi people love to hate was an easy call.

Still. Somebody as rich and famous and savvy as Martha Stewart should be a little smarter than the average crackhead burglar who sticks it to the man by stealing a car and blowing probation so he can tell all his cellmates nobody ever gave him a break.