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Opening Arguments

Are you reading this at work?

Some of you people just aren't trying. According to  a new survey conducted by America Online and Salary.com, Indiana is ranked only second in the nation when it comes to wasting time at work. That means Missouri workers, ranked No. 1, waste 3.2 hours each in an 8-hour work day (not counting lunch, of course), costing companies $28.1 billion, while Hoosier workers waste only 2.8 hours a day each, costing a mere $25.1 billion. The national average is 2.09 hours, and American companies are said to be spending a whopping $759 billion a year on work that isn't done. Those workaholics in South Carolina waste the least time, only 1.3 hours a day. The scary thing, according to the survey, is that companies expect their workers to goof off an hour a day. Hey, they shouldn't complain; workers are doing twice what is expected of them.