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Opening Arguments

Athletes make the grade

Colleges giving star athletes easy classes and inflating their grades? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!

Instead of relying on a tenured whistle-blower to root out what is often suspected -- athlete-friendly professors, undemanding classes or outright corruption -- a national faculty group proposed that schools be required to reveal players' classes, grades and class grade-point averages in an aggregate list that would protect individual privacy.
Although an NCAA subcommittee rejected the idea last month, calling it extraordinarily intrusive, the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics and another reform organization, the Drake Group, say the Auburn case illustrates the need for academic disclosure. They plan to continue pressing for it with the NCAA, on individual campuses and with lawmakers.
Maybe these college administrators could explain to the rest of us how something in the aggregate can be "extraordinarily instrusive." I think someone is being extraordinarily  and deliberately obtuse.
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