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Opening Arguments

Bad seeds

My cat Dutch occasionally escapes from the house when I'm not fast enough getting in the front door. But he doesn't know what to do after that, so he just sits on the front porch looking confused (forgive the anthropomorphization) until I pick him up and toss him unceremoniously back inside. Seems like escaped criminals aren't any smarter or better prepared than my cat:

The second of three inmates who escaped from the Indiana State Prison was captured early Tuesday at his parents' home in southern Indiana after more than a week on the run.

Lookee, I am out of prison! What I do now?! I know -- I will hide at my parents! No one will ever look there!

Oh, say, remember the guy who managed to escape out a second-story window of the DeKalb County Jail last week? He was caught the next day, and his girlfriend was charged with a felony count of assisting a criminal because, authorities said, she gave a ride to the guy (what kind of happy-ever-after was she imagining?). Those kind of charges happen frequently, but here's something I didn't know, from the story about the state prison escapee:

Battreal's parents weren't arrested, and Spencer County Prosecutor Dan Wilkinson said parents are exempt from charges of assisting a criminal under Indiana law.

Makes sense, I guess. What parent isn't going to help a child, no matter how bad he is? Battreal's poor mother still maintains he is innocent of the rape charge and even believed him when he said he broke out after discovering he had inoperative cancer.