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Opening Arguments

Bad signs

Beware of the Sign Police:

INDIANAPOLIS -- From banners to flags and full building wraps, a citizens group is raising concerns about the visual impact the 2012 Super Bowl may leave behind on the city.


Indianapolis leaders are considering an ordinance that would allow for an array of temporary signs, including inflatables, cold air balloons and projected image signs, 6News' Kara Kenney reported.


Members of the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations believes the city is catering to the NFL at the expense of taxpayers, and ignoring the city's existing sign ordinances.

We're not willing to prostitute ourselves for just any organization coming in for a few weeks to put some money in some people's pockets," said Norman Pace, land use chairman for MCANA. "It's a slam dunk behind our back."


But Adam Collins, code enforcement license administrator for the city, said the signs likely won't be up for more than two weeks, and that companies will have to get prior approval from the city.

Two weeks, people, the Super Bowl signs are just for two weeks. Relax a little. City officials usually grossly overstate the economic impact of stadiums and sporting events anyway. Not treating the big game like a party and celebrating with everything the city has is a sure way to make the impact even less.

Say, here's an idea. Let's do away with the sign restrictions forever, instead of just two weeks, and tell the neighborhood fussbudgets to get a life. Of course, that might "put some money in some people's pockets," and heaven knows that would be a bad thing.