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Opening Arguments

On the ball

Now this is chutzpah:

CARMEL, Ind. -- Sponsors of a proposal to provide City Council members up to $18,000 in city-funded health benefits are withdrawing the ordinance after hearing strong public outcry against it this week.

[. . .]

As written, the ordinance would have made City Council members eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance plans through the city's employee health-care account, which has a balance of about $2 million. The city funds 86 percent of the account, while employees pay 14 percent a year.

A council member could have received up to $18,000 on a city plan that includes family coverage -- the same benefit offered to full-time, but not part-time, city employees.

Hey, politicians always say in interviews they run for office because they want to "give back to the community." These guys were obviously just trying to get the give-back ball rolling.


Bob G.
Thu, 05/08/2008 - 8:47am

Funny thing about politicians....seems the GIVE BACK hand is always a lot smaller than the TAKE BACK hand...