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Opening Arguments

Ball State, indeed

When I was at Ball State, about the most exciting thing that happened was when a group of anti-war students threatened to set a dog on fire to protest the Nixon administration's policies. They never intended to actually burn a dog, mind you; they just wanted the attention, which of course they got. Something like this would have really livened things up:

Ball State University officials were stunned to learn that an X-rated film involving students was shot more than two years ago in a distinguished mansion normally reserved for seminars.

"Vampire Diaries" director Christopher Gregory filmed his movie at the university-owned Kitselman Center, a short walk from Ball State's campus, after pitching the project as a horror movie. It was released on DVD Friday.

Gregory, a Muncie resident, said he didn't tell Ball State officials about the film's adult content because turning it into a pornographic movie was a last-minute decision.

Interesting, isn't it, that a porno movie wouldn't have been approved, but it was OK to shoot a horror movie there.

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Steve Towsley
Fri, 02/02/2007 - 1:22pm

If the decision to "turn it into a porno" was indeed last minute, the X-rated footage would not have been on the shelf. He'd have had to go back to the campus and shoot the "adult commercial" scenes. That fact alone, it seems to me, proves that porno was on the filmmakers' minds from the start.

Filmmakers don't shoot a lot of film they don't need, whether the budget is high or low. Ask anybody in the industry. Waste is prohibitively expensive. That's why budgets get trimmed so surgically tight.

This should be an easy case to win, if it goes to court. There's no need to argue what porno is, you only have to prove the filmmakers were lying to the school about their intent all along. They got the permit on false pretenses.

If it matters, I studied cinema at USC and worked over 20 years in the film studios. I think that's what somebody might call informed opinion on this matter.

Mon, 02/05/2007 - 4:14pm

porn. college students. so what. how many college students engage in sex in "odd-ball" locations at collegs campuses all across america? so someone filmed it. so what. I wish people would quit getting their panties in a bunch over young persons having sex/making love/fornicating- they are just doing what comes naturally. read Dr. Kinseys studies of sex in america. google "sex". or any other word that comes to mind.
If people would worry more about making love instead of making war, there would be a lot more kids, and a lot less killing in the world.
after all, it is called "Ball State".....