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Opening Arguments

The ban wagon

For now, I'll stick with my earlier prediction that Indiana won't do anything about a statewide smoking ban this year. There's just too much else going on, especially the difficulty of crafting a two-year budget during a recession.

But the momentum has definitely switched to the anti-smoking side. When this was first  brought up, it seemed that most ordinary people were either against such a ban or silent, and just a handful of clean-air advocates and easily caricatured health nuts were on the prohibition bandwagon. But consider the hearing held this week by a House committee. There were scores of passionate advocates on the no-smoking side, many of them those formerly silent ordinary people. And on the anti-ban side?

But opponents -- most from the gambling, restaurant and tavern industries -- told the committee that a ban would hurt their businesses, cut tax revenue and put Hoosiers out of work.

If the ban's strongest opponents are bars and casinos, that's a problem. "Let's see, if we ban public smoking, which will improve the state's overall health, it might also result in fewer people drinking and driving and fewer people becoming gambling addicts. And the downside of that is . . .?"


tim zank
Thu, 02/05/2009 - 12:31pm

In light of the impending government owned health care system, government owned banking system, government owned investment firms, government owned automobile industry, etc, I see no reason why we would NOT have a complete on smoking anywhere within sight or a sniff of our soon to be established blue shirted "change" enforcement professionals. I sure hope all you "hopey-changey" folks realize what's coming.

I haven't fallen into a complete depression yet, as I'm still sort of in shock at all that's happening around me in just the last two weeks, but it's coming and I sure hope my kids can learn to UN-learn what I've taught them about being independent, working hard and the value of a dollar and adapt to becoming mindless drones in government subsidized jobs handing over 3/4 of their government subsidized paycheck back to the government while getting used to being told where to go, when to go, what to do, when to do it and when not to do it.

I guess they'll just have to adapt won't they? Barry said so on TV last night, he won, case closed.

What a country, huh?