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Opening Arguments

Bank dick

No, I wasn't shocked that someone who had been a reporter for 15 years, pesumably with a front-row seat for the stupidity of criminals, would think he could rob a bank without things going terribly wrong:

Lowery,  who had disguised himself, then walked into the bank carrying a single-shot sawed-off shotgun and about 25 shotgun shells, the reports indicate.

They go on to say he wore a tan straw hat, big dark sunglasses, a mask over his face, a white shirt, blue windbreaker pants and black gloves.

After a customer tackled him and held Lowery  for officers, he told Sgt. Gregory Ernst he was desperate for money. The officer got that response by asking Lowery, who had apparent injuries, if he was OK.

 But this comment from the robber did get my attention: " 'My kids ain't got no food,' Ernst wrote in a preliminary police report."  A reporter for 15 years, and he says my kids 'ain't got no' food? Well, that's two jobs he's  not good at. Maybe the third will prove better. Maybe they should throw his editor in jail, too. And what kind of a newspaper was that, anyway?