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Opening Arguments

Bayh, Hillary

Some politicians realize the presidency isn't in the cards in the immediate future, so become obvious candidates for the vice presidency, including one of Indiana's own:

Vice Presidential politicking was equally apparent in Evan Bayh's surprise announcement in December that he wouldn't be an '08 candidate (even though he'd essentially been running for two years). Upon exiting the race, Mr. Bayh almost immediately embarked on a trip to Iraq with Mrs. Clinton—prompting conversation that the Indiana Senator sees his passport to the national stage as the moderating influence on a Hillary-led Democratic ticket in 2008.
I hope Bayh has better plans for his future than tagging along with Clinton to the White House. Ain't gonna happen. Yesterday, I boldy predicted (and hope no one will remember if I am wrong) that John McCain is the weakest of the Republican herd. Today I'll give that honor to Hillary on the Democratic side. She's one of the few Democrats we might be able to trust on security and defense issues, which is the main reason she won't make it out of the primaries.