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Opening Arguments

Be a man

Another oppressed minority* demands to be heard:

Two Indiana men have declared Monday "National Man Day" and have rallied thousands to their cause on the social networking Web site Facebook.The event's Web page listed more than 260,000 attendees as of Thursday for the event, which the site says is "about being a responsible man and having fun doing it!"




I'm not sure what good can come from people who would put "responsible" and "fun" into the same sentence, but never mind that. One of the organizers says he wants to bring back the days when "men stood up for what they believed in, took responsibility for their actions, treated women with respect, loved God and their country." Can't any real man still do that if he chooses? This sounds an awful lot like networking or support-group whining, which is, you know, what gals do.

(* According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2008, women -- or "female persons," as the bureau puts it -- are 50.7 percent of the population. Another .1, and we should probably demand affirmative action, or at least equal time on the Lifetime Movie Network.)

Just to enjoy the wonderfulness of being a male person, listen to "The Man Song" from the Bob & Tom Show.