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Opening Arguments

Behind closed doors

Did you ever wonder about your neighbors? What does that scary looking guy do behind closed doors, and why does he keep the lights on all night? Why do so many people come and go from that house on the corner? Do all those kids really live in the house across the street, or are some just visiting?

What about those two women in the house next door? Oh, them -- they're fine. They're sisters. And they're both special-education teachers. That's nice. What good neighbors to have:

Two local teachers are under arrest after a meth lab exploded inside a South Bend home. Investigators found the lab after it sparked a fire at a home on East Woodside Street.

Police arrested two sisters, Michelle and Maria Stancati, who lived in the home. They're both special education teachers at Elkhart Community Schools. Michelle is a teacher at Northside Middle School and Maria is a teacher at Elkhart Memorial High School.

Some people say what happened Tuesday has changed the mood in this neighborhood.

Meth-making materials were sprawled across the driveway — not the scene people in this tight-knit neighborhood are used to.

Whoops! I bet it changed the mood in the neighborhood. I wonder if the sisters got the idea from "Breaking Bad," the daring AMC cable series about a high school chemistry teacher who discovers he's dying and starts a meth lab to make quick money to leave his family?

I was just getting used to seeing another teacher arrested in a sex-with-students scandal every week. Don't know if I'm ready for the meth-lab scandal of the week,


Bob G.
Thu, 11/06/2008 - 10:06am

One thing about MY neigbborhood, Leo...is that I rarely have to "wonder" what they're up to...smoking joints and dealing drugs out front of their house IS , after all, kinda OBVIOUS...don'cha think?