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Opening Arguments

Bettor up!


In a close vote this afternoon, the Indiana Senate approved legislation that would allow paper pull tabs in bars and taverns.

Under the legislation, which was passed by a 26-21 vote, bars and taverns across the state would be allowed to offer pull tabs and other forms of low-stakes gambling. 
And you thought the property tax was all the General Assembly was going to do this session. The House has passed its own version, so the only question is whether this goes to conference committee or the House author agrees to Senate changes so it can go straight to the governor. Is there any valid reason -- moral, philosophical, legal -- to not just take all laws concerning any type of gambling whatsoever completely off the books?


chuck hillyard
Thu, 02/28/2008 - 1:17pm

it appears that the laws have been conformed to insure that the state will recieve almost all of the profits from any gaming in indiana the state is about to open 92,000 sqft expansion to allow for slot machines. while they outlawed "cherrymasters" instead of regulating them.and forcing many non-profit veterans posts and other private clubs to close. these organizations would have gladly paid the state a license fee just to insure thier own survial. now the state wants to make sure that the only form of pull tabs allowed will be the states brand of pull tabs. this appears to be just another money grab by the state.