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Opening Arguments

The big time

When I lived in Wabash, it was big news when the town finally Got a McDonald's, and when K-Mart showed up, you would have thought Jesus Christ had come back. I guess that's a Hoosier thing that not even our biggest city is immune to:

Dunkin' Donuts lovers in Marion County: Circle your calendar.

Executives today said they plan to open the Camby location Monday, a few weeks earlier than originally planned even though construction and electricity issues had made a mid-month launch more feasible.

The restaurant, at 7015 S. Kentucky Ave., is the second in the Indianapolis market. It follows the opening a few weeks ago of the Dunkin' Donuts on Range Line Road in Carmel, which served long lines of customers.

Wow! Two Dunkin' Donuts!! Indianapolis has arrived. Can we have one of its MCLs?

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