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Opening Arguments

A billion here, a billion there

Some people thought Gov. Daniels was a genius for the toll road lease -- all that money for highway construction while other states have to deal with crumbling infrastructure. Well, how smart does he look now, huh?

Some governors have asked for at least at least $40 billion to help pay for health care for the poor and disabled and perhaps $136 billion more in infrastructure projects like road and bridge repairs in the legislation, which Democrats hope to have ready for Obama's signature as soon as he takes office on Jan. 20.

What a fool for Daniels to think the state should take care of its own problems instead of waiting until the federal government came up with a rescue plan. Of course, he's not a total fool:

"Indiana may be better fixed here than any other state in the union, but we have plenty of other projects and if Congress sends us a check, we will cash it," he said.

What the hell -- if you're gonna print the money anyway, sure, send us some. It won't bankrupt the country any sooner.