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Opening Arguments

Bizarro World

I saw a presidential campaign ad last night in which we were warned that we could not afford a certain candiate's new tax plan, which would cost taxpayers another $3 trillion. The ad was on behalf of Democrat Barack Obama, and we were being warned about Republican John McCain. I haven't felt so disoriented since last week, when I read this and realized it wasn't Obama, either:

Asked if he would be a visible presence in international talks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and replace the Kyoto Protocol, McCain, who has clashed with fellow Republicans over climate change, said he would do "whatever is necessary to try to move forward."

 He said he would involve former Vice President Al Gore in efforts to address the issue. "I would tap him, I would tap people who have been involved in these issues for many years." McCain noted that he disagreed with the Nobel Peace Prize winner about nuclear energy but added, "I have great respect for Al Gore."

I think it is quite possible I have slipped into an alternate universe.


Bob G.
Tue, 10/07/2008 - 7:58am

Been sayin' the EXACT SAME THING for decades, Leo...!
Bizarro World it is!