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Opening Arguments

Bobby bites

Bobby Knight is giving the commencement address at Trine University, and a lot of sportswriters are having a lot of !$%^#&* fun with the idea. Here's, for example, via NPR, is the "10 Greatest Bobby Knight Soundbites."

Great coach, but a hothead with such a bleeping mouth. He makes me glad I've been on the news side instead of the sports side. I've talked to a few sportswriters over the years who said they needed a really thick skin to deal with the man. Watch these clips, and you'll know why. I've had a mayor and a councilman or two question my competence and/or inegrity over the years, but not quite with that much, um, vigor.

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Fri, 02/12/2010 - 12:03am

I personally believe that Bob Knight was railroaded by Miles Brand and the liberal Indiana faculty. Brand continued his "I have the power" tactics at the NCAA where he stomped all over the schools whose teams used Indian names and mascots.

No one talks about Bobby's good record. Besides being a winner, Knight never was involved in a recruiting scandal and his players attended class and graduated at a very high rate. He ran his program in such a way that his players were not getting into trouble on or off the court while in school . . . and what Hoosier alive then will ever forget 1976.