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Opening Arguments

Border dance

What's more infuriating than Obama's delicate parsing of the Second Amendment in which he tries to have it all ways? McCain's delicate dance around immigration in which he tries to have it all ways:

But in public comments, McCain often delivered a somewhat mixed message of his own. He continued to favor all the parts of his comprehensive plan — border security, increased employer sanctions for illegal hiring and a path to citizenship for the undocumented — but he mostly refrained from using the word "comprehensive." Instead, he spoke of a two-stage solution. First, he would secure the borders, a process that would be certified by border state governors. Then he would push for a process to allow the 12 million undocumented immigrants to become full citizens.

More recently, however, McCain has switched back to his earlier rhetoric on the issue. In late May, he took time at an event in California to point out that he had worked with Sen. Ted Kennedy on the immigration bill. "We must enact comprehensive immigration reform, and we must make it a top agenda item," he said. A couple of weeks later, McCain released the first ads of his general election campaign — for Spanish-language radio in Nevada and New Mexico. This week, he plans to travel to Colombia and Mexico, to burnish his credentials as a leader who understands Latin America. Next month, he will address La Raza at its annual conference in San Diego, along with Democrat Barack Obama.

It is being said that people are "confused" about where McCain stands on immigration. I don't think they should be. This is one of those issues on which there isn't a dime's worth of difference between McCain and Obama. They're both basically open-border advocates. Is there anybody delusional enough to think that, no matter who is elected, we aren't going to have a repeat of last time? There will be earnest promises to protect the border in return for forgiveness for all the illegals here. The forgiveness will happen, but then everybody will pretend the border-protection promises weren't made.