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Opening Arguments

Bride and gloom

I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep a lot better knowing that somebody is paying attention to White House wedding trends:

Millie Martin Bratten, editor-in-chief of BRIDES magazine, said the wedding was a letdown for some who craved a Princess Diana-style event. But she said Jenna's wedding — her classy Oscar de la Renta gown and all — might even set a trend for future presidential weddings. Bratten foresees future first family weddings that mix protocol and formality with creative individual touches from the bride.

"Instead of the event being turned over to the White House social secretary who follows the strict rules of protocol — something that comes from our British heritage of royal weddings — this one had a lot of input from her," Bratten said.

Input from the bride. What a concept. You have to give the president credit here for going against the whole public glitter trend and doing a quiet family thing. It may be the most dignified thing he's done in the last year.

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