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Opening Arguments

The bum's rush

You're doing a lousy job, so never mind waiting for the regular election. You're outta here!

GARY -- Local lawmakers are promising to push legislation empowering voters to remove officials from office in the middle of their terms.

State Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, said he's responding to constituents, who want a way to force Gary Mayor Rudy Clay out of office.

On first hearing, the suggestion seems a reasonable way to make politicians pay attention, and there would be a feeling of power if we knew we could throw the bums out at a moment's notice. But it also seems like a guarantee of chaotic government, rule of the slight of the moment. The normal election schedule seems like a good enough recall mechanism that probably shouldn't be messed with.


Bob G.
Thu, 11/20/2008 - 12:51pm

In Gary's situation, I don't think changing politicians as often as SOCKS is going to help one damn bit.

Then again, it ALL depends on WHO these "constiuents" really are, doesn't it?