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Opening Arguments

Bye, bye bases?

I guess we know for sure now that the presidential candidates are moving away from their bases and going for the Great American Middle:

Proposed bans on same-sex marriage are on the ballot in three important states this fall, rousing passions on both sides, yet neither John McCain nor Barack Obama seem eager to push the issue high on their campaign agendas.

In California, the stakes are particularly high: It's the first time a constitutional marriage ban goes before voters in a state where same-sex couples already have the right to wed. Similar amendments are on the ballots in Florida, a battleground in the presidential race, and Arizona, McCain's home state.

McCain supports the amendments, Obama opposes them -- yet the two nominees rarely mention them proactively as they compete for middle-of-the-road voters who rank the marriage debate low on their list of concerns.

Damn those candidates for not wanting to comment on a divisive issue they wouldn't even have much impact on as president, instead preferring to comment on issues they would control. I'm getting a little tired of this issue -- I want to hear a candidate propose grabbing people off the streets at random and forcing them to marry same-sex partners.