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Opening Arguments

Bye, bye, birdies

Is this a case of the cure being worse than the disease? Larges flocks of birds, especially those messy, awful starlings and crows,  like to congregate in large flocks in downtown Indianapolis during fall and winter. And they aren't going to take it:

Starting tonight, employees of the USDA's wildlife services division periodically are using "pyrotechnics, lasers and recorded bird warning calls." It's one way, Hanson said, to tell the bothersome birds to wing their way out of town.

The strategy might work for a while, said one animal-removal expert, but it might not work for long.

"The birds get used to the booms and noises," said Stephanie McClung, who co-owns Noblesville-based Animal Mnagement Systems. "Wildlife is adaptable."

I know the droppings can pose risks for human health and damage public properties, but it seems there should be a better way than "pyrotechnics, lasers and recorded bird warning calls" That kind of noise srarts appearning in my neighborhood, and somebody's going to have the cops out there every night. And, fuess what, people don't get used to the booms and noises.