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Opening Arguments

Card check

The Indianapolis Star and Fort Wayne Journal Gazette each weigh in with skepticism over the BMV's plan to implement Real ID procedures designed to thwart indentify theft and deal with post-9/11 concerns about terrorism. Both mention the inconveniece for some and hardship for others of the one-time requirement to provide multiple forms of ID such as birth certificates, Social Security cards and utility bills. Then each takes a slightly different approach to the concerns of some that we are on our way to a de facto national ID card. The Star urges caution:

Renewal applications will now be run through a database in Indianapolis to confirm identity. Civil libertarians, gun rights advocates and others are worried that Indiana eventually will take it a step further: tying into a national database that essentially will turn a state driver's license into a national ID card.

Before that step is made (it's not yet scheduled), the governor and the General Assembly should insist on a thorough public review of whether it's truly necessary.

The Journal Gazette worries that the state is going further than it needs to:

The Obama administration is working to repeal and replace it with a cheaper, less-rigorous law


Thu, 07/16/2009 - 10:54am

It bears mentioning that, since the legislature has tied our right to vote to our ability and willingness to get an ID, that these new requirements to get an ID are also requirements for voting.

Bob G.
Thu, 07/16/2009 - 11:24am

All I know is that I'm good until 2012!

(then the Mayan calendar prediction comes true and we're "supposed" to be all gone).

Works for me.

National ID?
...let's just do away with that and get tattooed barcodes instead, or even better...microcircuit implants.

That oughta speed up the end times, because nothing says "mark fo the beast" QUITE like that, eh?

"Can't do anything without one" will be the new slogan.