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Opening Arguments

A change in opinion

It shouldn't be too surprising if the poll numbers are true that Gov. Daniels' approval rating is among the 15 worst in the country:

In fact, more Hoosiers currently "disapprove" of the job Daniels is doing -- 50 percent -- than "approve," at 44 percent, according to a 600-person poll released by SurveyUSA Thursday. Six percent of respondents were "not sure."

Daniels promised to be be a bold governor who would bring swift change, and that's just what he has been. The promise is what helped get him elected, but when people are faced with actual rapid change, it can be a little more unsettling than they supposed.


Wed, 11/02/2005 - 9:18am

He didn't lie about it. Absolutely makes me laugh when I read a letter to the editor or a N-S rant about what Daniels had done and "If I'd known that, I wouldn't have voted for him" type-quote. That's exactly why I voted for him, somebody had to try and drag Indiana out of the 19th century. I imagine he'll pay the price for it next election but he hasn't done anything that disappointed me, yet.