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Opening Arguments

Cheap dates

Pay attention, cheapskaes. Indianapolis has come in fifth in the Match.com list of most affordable cities for dating:

 The survey does not say how much it costs for a casual dinner and two movie tickets in Indy, but it's somewhere between the cheapest date in Pittsburgh costing $77.80 and the most expensive evening in Los Angeles for $126.06.

How did "dinner and a movie" become the standard for dates, by the way? Dinner, OK, but I've never understood the attraction of taking a date to a movie. You're sitting next to each other instead of across from one another, passively watching something instead of interacting. Seems like something for an old married couple to do.

Just buy some popcorn and go sit on a park bench and watch birds. It'll be the same dinner-and-a-movie experience and cost mere pennies.

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Bob G.
Wed, 08/19/2009 - 9:08am

At the risk of showing my age...I always looked at a date as being DINNER...and then DANCING...or go park somewhere and watch the "submarine races"...(it's a Philly thing...LOL)

I miss those days.