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Opening Arguments

Cheap shot

I confess to not having followed the attorney general's race closely, so I can't say much yet about how the candidates compare. The Republican is currently the chieft deputy of the office, so that would seem to make him more qualified than the Democrat. But I don't think much of this campaign tactic:

MUNCIE -- The Indiana Republican Party is questioning whether Linda Pence, the Democratic nominee for Indiana attorney general, can be trusted to head that office, given some of the clients that she has defended.

Linda Pence has a long client list full of bad actors and corrupt figures," said Jay Kenworthy, GOP communications director. "While Linda Pence has been out trying to get reduced penalties for companies like CR3 and Rieth-Riley, Greg Zoeller has been working for the taxpayers of Indiana, protecting their tax dollars and keeping the criminals in jail."

The 53-year-old Zoeller, the Republican nominee, is chief deputy attorney general under Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

Besides being a defense attorney, Pence is a former federal prosecutor who also successfully represented the state in the White River fish kill litigation.

Even "bad actors and corrupt figures" deserve a vigorous defense -- if I understand our system, they are even especially deserving. When Pence was a federal prosecutor and represented the state, which was Indiana, a bad actor or a corrupt figure? Attorneys should be judged by their loyalty to the integrity of the legal system, not the character of their clients, and Zoeller certainly knows this even if the state Republican Party doesn't/ What a stupid cheap shot.


tim zank
Mon, 09/29/2008 - 9:03am

That IS a cheap shot.