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Opening Arguments


American chess thugs, who are having one of their gang meetings in Indianapolis, are apparently mad at each other. Four of the six-member governing board are trying to kick out the other two -- married couple Susan Polgar and Paul Truong -- and there are suits and counter-suits, and the whole thing is one big sordid, wonderful mess. This is apparently a mess years in the making:

The disputes began in October 2007, when Samuel H. Sloan, a former board member, filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Manhattan accusing Ms. Polgar and Mr. Truong of writing the obscene Internet messages, many under Mr. Sloan's name.

Mr. Sloan, who said the postings were meant to ensure his defeat when he ran for re-election to the board in 2007, also named the federation as a defendant. His lawsuit was dismissed last year. Ms. Polgar and Mr. Truong were elected; Mr. Sloan was defeated.

Now Ms. Polgar is suing for libel, slander and "business disparagement," and who can blame her? It's conceivable that chess fanatics know how to leave "Internet messages," but the idea that they

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