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Opening Arguments

Chicken delight

Here are two women I really would not like to have as neighbors:

Two women are lobbying the Lafayette City Council to change an ordinance that bars residents from keeping chickens, saying the fowl should be considered acceptable pets along with their four-legged counterparts.

"It's a little hobby. They are pets," said Gay-Ellen Stulp, who has collected more than 200 signatures on a petition supporting the change. "I guess I'm now part of the chicken underground."

Chicken underground. Ha, ha.

It's not so much what the women seek that's bothersome. My neighbors can have chickens or goats and pigs for all I care, as long as they keep them out of my yard. It's their attitude that sets off alarm bells. Chickens are among the ugliest, messiest, dumbest creatures on the planet, so loathsome that even vegetarians should put them on the menu. They make for fine, fine eating. But pets? Anyone who thinks chickens can be our cute little animal companions on a par with dogs and cats is so seriously deranged that having them next door would be a risk too great to take.


Bob G.
Wed, 08/26/2009 - 12:19pm

Not to mention, NO real ID collar's gonna fit 'em...
(Hartz-Mountain flea and tick BELT?)

Yeah...no chickens OR kids on the lawn!

Chickens on the grill.
Kids on THEIR property.
(And never confuse the two)