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Opening Arguments

Childhood's end

At least Indiana University isn't the only school with a basketball-program recruiting controversy:

Michael Avery's recent announcement that he will play basketball at Kentucky created quite a stir.

Avery is considered a talented guard with good size at 6-4, but none of that contributed to the buzz.

Avery is in eighth grade.

Outside of college basketball recruiting circles, the commitment seemed ludicrous when Avery's father told a Web site that covers Kentucky athletics, "We've got our college. Now we need our high school."

Gotta love that -- we've got our college so now we need our high school. I'm sure whichever high school he picks, the young man will pay complete attention all four years and come out with a fine education.The story's headline asks a question: "Are 8th-graders fair game?" Gee, let me think a minute on that one. Anything for the alumni association!