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Opening Arguments

A clever plan

Other states have tried to get ahead of New Hamsphire's first-ever primary, but New Hamsphire just keeps setting an earlier date in order to remain first. But Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has a way to get around that:

Daniels has an idea -- a simple but smart one -- to get Indiana more involved in the chore of selecting presidential candidates. He is considering a proposal to tie a "presidential preference primary" in Indiana to New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary. That means Hoosiers in future years would cast ballots for presidential nominees on whatever day New Hampshire does so.
They move their date, our date moves, too, so our presidential-preference primary is always when New Hamsphire's is. As the story points out, the media would have to pay attention to ours since our state is both bigger than New Hamsphire and more demographically representative of the country.
If that were to happen, then other states would likely follow. It would be a backwards way of doing it, but that could be one way to establish a national primary.