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Opening Arguments


Benjamin Zycher, who refuses to be very ashamed of himself because gaming the system is the obvious response to half-baked government ideas, decided he wanted to get in on the economics-for-lunkheads cash-for-clunkers program:

 Alas, the rules specify that the big, powerful, safe truck that I want does not qualify.

And so I asked the question on the minds of millions of my fellow concerned citizens: How can I get my snout into this trough? Easy: I buy a small car qualifying for the $4,500, and keep it for a few months until the cash-for-clunkers boondoggle has run its course. At that point, the supply of used cars will have shrunk and their prices driven up; I will sell the almost-new small car for what I paid for it ($12,629 last Saturday) or more, at worst having driven it for free, and then buy the truck I covet.

Multiply Zycher by millions, and you've got the welfare system, the stimulus package, and just about everything else government touches.