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Opening Arguments

Connect the dots

A friend more observant than I am noticed that all the NFL quarterbacks have green dots on the backs of their helmets this year and asked me why. Naturally, I just Googled it:

The green dot is the result of a new rule in effect for the 2007 NFL season. The green dot helmet indicates that the helmet is wired with a radio for calling in plays to the quarterback.

Apparently, the green dot rule was instated because the league felt offensive teams had an unfair advantage on certain plays because they could call in a new play at the last second.

My guess is that it has to do with someone complaining about someone else cheating.

Oh, come on. If you believe a team would cheat by calling in a play at the last minute, you might as well accuse one of cheating by trying to find out what the other team's signals are.

Oh, wait . . .

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