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Opening Arguments


This is getting closer to what I've been waiting for -- the "convergence" product that will be a computer, cell phone, camera, PDA, digital music holder, do everything but make coffee, and be small enough to fit in my pocket. But I'll probably be scared to buy one for several years, because I've been burned before. I watied for years to get a digital camera, knowing that eventually the quality would go up and the price come down just enough to make the purchase sensible. When I finally jumped in, I paid $1,000 for a 1-megapixel camera. Oh, yeah, I timed that one right.

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Larry Morris
Wed, 01/10/2007 - 6:03am

I'm not so sure I want a PC so small I can take it anywhere - I have enough trouble with the regular sized ones. However, a single devide that combines digital camera, cell phone, MP3 player, and full function PDA that syncs with outlook, sounds fine to me. And, if you look around, those have been available for some time now, ...

Bob G.
Wed, 01/10/2007 - 6:45am

Hell...I'm just going to hold out for that TRICORDER and PHASER....all one really needs...lol!


Steve Towsley
Wed, 01/10/2007 - 11:56am

I like this one. My first real computer was a Mac and I've admired Apple products (with the exception of that cube thing) ever since.

Other companies TALK about their products being easy to use, but Apple has always found neat, innovative ways to actually make their devices both powerful and simple for the person on the street to learn and use.

As with most new products, there's a premium cost to get in early, and I almost never am willing to pay it anymore. In this case, an exception to that rule is tempting.

Besides, if Cingular is the phone's exclusive outlet, won't the phone's cost be offset to some degree, as is the norm, by purchasing a 2-year contract for cell services?

I'm guessing there will soon be a waiting list for iPhones, with people having made deposits on Cingular accounts six months in advance. That will be rather unique in the cell business.

Steve Towsley
Thu, 01/11/2007 - 12:59am

Oops. I should rush to add one vital caveat. Blackberries, even free ones, cost too much because of the extreme cost of monthly service.

If anything will dissuade me from buying an iPhone, it will be the price point of the monthly fee.

If they want to saturate the country with these, they'd better not charge premium monthly fees. If that happens, a free iPhone will be far too expensive for most folks.