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Opening Arguments

Cooling off

This seems like a good idea:

New legislation authored by State Senator Jim Arnold (D-LaPorte) would provide a cooling off period for individuals arrested for domestic violence in Indiana. Members of the LaPorte County Domestic Violence Task Force, a local group that helped develop the legislation, joined Arnold at a press conference today to announce details of the bill.

[. . .]

The law would require law enforcement agencies to keep an individual arrested for a crime involving domestic or family violence in custody for at least eight hours from the time of arrest. According to the proposal, courts would be prohibited from releasing an individual charged with a domestic or family violence crime on bail during the eight hour period. Similar laws have been enacted in other states, including 12-hour cooling off periods mandated in Alabama and Nevada.

Arnold said the wait period could also provide time for victims to receive ancillary services, relocate to a shelter, or file a protective order if necessary.


K. Paul Mallasch
Fri, 10/05/2007 - 10:20pm

Thanks for linking to us (Muncie Free Press)...

K. Paul Mallasch - Publisher