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Opening Arguments

Corrupt and cheap

Remember the phony impersonating wrestler Steve Austin in Greensburg? The story's gotten even better:

 former police officer faces theft and official misconduct charges for allegedly pocketing money while investigating a scam that sold fake autographs of action film actor "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

David L. Scudder, who was charged last week, resigned from the Greensburg police force on June 30 after the Indiana State Police began investigating his actions.

Prosecutors said Scudder, 37, seized money from a man who was acting as the "promoter" of a man who resembles Austin, a wrestler who's made the transition to films.

[. . .]

The "promoter" told the officers he had collected about $166 that day, but said that his cohort had already left with that money.

Despite that, Scudder asked the man to give him $166 of his own money and then gave the man a receipt -- a transaction captured on Wal-Mart surveillance video -- before announcing to those present, including Cruze, that he had seized the cash, the affidavit states.

Scudder's investigation report filed two days later made no mention of the money or the receipt being logged as evidence, according to the affidavit.

If you're gonna go bad as a cop, since that's going to change your life forever, shouldn't you hold out for a little more than $166?