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Opening Arguments


Ya'll have fun watching John at the coliseum:

A few nights ago I sat down with great expectations to watch my neighbor John Mellencamp on Real time with Bill Maher.  

Mellencamp is very quiet about his political leanings here in Indiana; but his music is the voice of the quiet, tolerant Midwestern liberal living in a 'red state;' trying always to cut through the propaganda that seems to hold our neighbors in a trance.  When I heard him describing the 'Great Swindle,' I wanted to leap off the couch and cheer.

A "quiet, tolerant Midwestern liberal living in a 'red state.' " Oh, my heart aches for the poor dear.  God, I love being sneered at by third-rate rock musicians.


tim zank
Thu, 09/06/2007 - 10:43am

What an absolute crock O' s&%t. I don't need Johnny Cougar to tell me I was swindled, or what a dumb-ass I am, in his opinion. I have followed his career since "Jack & Diane" and bought every album he made. I've seen him 5 or 6 times in concert over the years and I was always impressed with his talent and musicianship. That was then, this is now.

I don't play his music anymore (my kids still like him though) because it infuriates me. It really pisses me off when someone you like and respect turns into a gazillionaire santimonius self righteous preachy prick. He toned it down for a while after he was boo'ed at a Colts game in 2004, but lately he's been ramping it up again.

My advice?


A J Bogle
Thu, 09/06/2007 - 11:02am

I guess I like him even more now for the same reasons you guys hate him. I can relate to what its like to be a slightly left leaning moderate in this reddest of the red states.

Its funny that when I travel out east I am the token conservative 8-)