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Opening Arguments

The crime game

Two heavyweights duke it out:

Indianapolis - Mayor Bart Peterson called on lawmakers Wednesday to give the city the authority to raise taxes to improve police protection.

[. . .]

House Republican Leader Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) did not mince words.

"The mayor needs a lot more than those two bills to deal with his public safety problems. . ."

Bosma is wrong. Cities need more flexibility in how they raise and spend money. Peterson is wrong. Indianapolis has an enormous budget and the ability to move money around to meet needs differently. This is partly partisanship and partly a city-state power struggle, but it's all crap.


Fri, 04/13/2007 - 11:07am

too bad Bosma's parents werent neutered. Or was Bosma Inbred?
Either way; we would not be saddled with another GOP loony-toon, mad-dog imbecile for House speaker. I sure didnt vote for him. seems theres a lot of example cases for castration in the GOP- a high propensity.
Must be something in the Indiana water; or air.
Stupid Republicans!God Love them- He made so many of them!