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Opening Arguments

Crying shame, day 2

Tired this morning. I stayed up way beyond my usual bedtime, watching this on TV. Perhaps you caught it, too:

CHICAGO - Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his offense were looking for a little redemption Monday night at Soldier Field.

They got it after Cutler threw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime in the Bears' 36-30 victory over the Vikings.

After getting crushed by the Vikings 36-10 on the road in Week 12, and with the offense sputtering all season, the Bears were searching for any amount of success.

They got it in the first half, outgaining the Vikings 225-82. The Bears' yardage total at that point was already 56 more than they had in the first meeting.

Man, what a game. So that's what it looks like when there are two teams on the field, each trying as hard as it possibly can to actually win. It makes the decision by a certain other team's managers a day earlier, to rest up and hold their best for a team worthier of their efforts and a prize more fitting for their greatness, seem all the shabbier.

In the meantime, Colts coach Jim Caldwell says he won't second guess the decision to "sidestep perfection" because he's one of those cause who can "focus in" and "narrow his scope." And irate Colts fans gave Bill Polian, Colts president, so much grief on hi radio show that he decided he couldn't take it:

StampedeBlue.com reports the show ended about 10 minutes early, apparently because of the wave of outrage over Indianapolis pulling its starters early in Sunday's loss to the Jets. As the website said, Polian essentially pulled himself early this time.

Callers drilled Polian's logic that injured players need to be protected, pointing out that the key ones who were benched -- Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark -- didn't have any health issues.

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz also wrote that his office received so many e-mails protesting the move that "you'd think this team just finished its sixth straight 3-13 season."

The shame continues.

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