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Opening Arguments

Cutting logic

An editorial in the Exponent, student newspaper of Purdue, laments Gov. Daniels' proposed budget cuts, including a 4 percent one for universities:

Economic times are tough, and spending cuts will have to be made somewhere. But education is one of the last areas that should be cut. It's vital to the state and its economy.

OK, fine. But if it is true that "spending cuts have to be made somewhere," where would the editors suggest? Whom would they sacrifice? Every agency in the state is going to be "cut anybody but us" mode. The smart agencies (or editorials) will make their case by offering well-thought-out alternatives.


Tue, 01/13/2009 - 12:55pm

This is the theme of most, everybody else but me. Shoud cuts be across the board? These types of cuts assume no thinking is needed. Rather like the balanced budget amendment that was ruled unconstitutional because congress no longer was in charge of what to cut.

If you do not use across the board cuts, then you end up with everyone else but me. As for education speficically, I think that spending 40% on non teaching activities is just plain stupid and with that said, education might be the first place to cut.