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Opening Arguments

Dan, Dan, the Moveon man

You don't have to worry about Indiana being out of the mainstream of progressive thought. Indianapolis Star columnist Dan Carpenter has done some agonizing soul-searching, and it was a close call, but he finds himself morally superior to all the cretinous "Bush loyalists" who have "never come within a country mile of a combat zone" but nevertheless feel compelled to wage an "all-out assault" on Cindy Sheehan. Of course, in order to maintain such a high degree of self-righteous preening, it is necessary to just write about Sheehan and never quote a single thing she's actually said, such as: President Bush is the world's biggest terrorist, this nation isn't worth dying for, the Iraqis who killed her son are freedom fighters, Israel . . . well, it just never stops. Despite heroic efforts, Carpenter isn't able to come up with a single instance of a liberal every being that mean to a conservative. He manages to overlook the co-opting of Sheehan and her torment by Moveon.org and the entire fringe, leftwing attack machine.

Posted in: Hoosier lore