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Opening Arguments

The Daniels gap

Don't know what this means, but it's intriguing:

Mitch Daniels remains a popular governor according to the WISH-TV Indiana 2010 Election Poll. The Republican's approval rating is 62 percent.

But while Republican Party leaders and pundits continue to encourage Daniels to run for President in 2012, most Indiana voters don't like that idea.

We asked Hoosiers "Should Mitch Daniels seek the Republican nomination for President?" Thirty-seven percent said that he should run; 45 percent said the should not run.

There's a big gap there representing people who think he's a good governor but don't think he should run for president. What qualities does he have that make him effective for one office but not the other. Do people think he doesn't have the right presidential qualities -- too pragmatic, not philosophically pure enough -- or is it that they think he couldn't win the office? Is he OK for the minor leagues but not ready for