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Opening Arguments

Dead horse in a barrel

What can I say that I haven't already said?

Smokers have already been banned from New York bars and restaurants, and soon they could be prohibited from lighting up in cars carrying minors, an idea giving added fuel to critics who say the city has become a nanny state.

[. . .]

If enacted, smoking in cars with riders under the age of 18 would join a growing list of activities barred by the city, including making too much noise at night, serving trans fats in restaurants, and allowing students to carry cell phones in school.

I might have mentioned before two types of editorials we write when the creative juices aren't flowing but the space must be filled anyway -- "shooting fish in a barrel" (an easy target that does not require a lot of research to prove) and "beating a dead horse" (yet again lamenting a wrong that is never going to be righted).

But I'm probably preaching to the choir, right?