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Opening Arguments

Dead-on Ted

As Nancy Nall might say, I have "well-documented" issues with Jane Fonda. But she was smart enough to leave Ted Turner, which should count for something:

Failure to address global warming will have us all dead or eating each other by mid-century.

So says Ted Turner, the restaurateur, environmentalist and former media mogul whose controversial comments have earned him the nickname "Mouth of the South."

If steps aren't taken to stem global warming, "We'll be eight degrees hotter in 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow," Turner said during a wide-ranging, hour-long interview with PBS's Charlie Rose that aired Tuesday.

"Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals," said Turner, 69. "Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state — like Somalia or Sudan — and living conditions will be intolerable."

One way to combat global warming, Turner said, is to stabilize the population.

"We're too many people; that's why we have global warming," he said. "Too many people are using too much stuff."

How can somebody make so much money and still be so clueless? If most people are dead, won't that be good for Mother Earth? If the remainder are eating each other, wouldn't that be the epitome of recycling? Isn't that what people like Turner want? Oh, sorry, I'm attempting to apply rational thought where none is called for.

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tim zank
Fri, 04/04/2008 - 9:55am

Poor Ted's elevator hasn't been reaching all floors for years.