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Opening Arguments

Death watch

Scum of the earth:

The weekend when America commemorates its war dead is a horrible time for a cemetery to be vandalized, but that's what happened at the Leo Cemetery late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Thirty-five headstones were overturned, and Rich Lengacher, president of the cemetery's board of trustees, said repairing them will cost thousands of dollars. Most of those that were cracked are about 100 years old.

“Some of them are kind of irreplaceable,” Lengacher said. “We'll just have to piece things back together. It's just one of those senseless vandalism things we deal with.”

If it's discovered who did it, they should be buried up to their necks, and put where the whole town can parade by and taunt them for a couple of days. And give the kids Magic Markers.


Bob G.
Tue, 05/27/2008 - 9:01am

WE had something similar happen decades ago in Philly...and that was one of our OLDER cemeteries.

Seems these punks like those obelisk-sjaped tombstones...and yes, many of them are NOT "replaceable" (lose the "kind of" crap)!

Personally, I prefer the PILLORY...or the PUBLIC DUNKING STOOL. Burying the jerks isn't good enough (unless someone has a hill of fire ants that they're not doing anything with). Then I've got a jar of honey and perhaps we can talk.

Ahh...for those good old days when JUSTICE actually prevailed.
...And the dead were left to rest in pece!