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Opening Arguments

Dim bulbs

It's OK to send your team to play basketball here, but please quit trying to hijack our tourists:

Tourism boosters from Louisville, Ky., planned to transform Downtown Indianapolis into their canvas today -- by projecting red-tinged laser images and messages on the sides of Downtown buildings.

The light show would have proclaimed why Louisville (with its Sweet 16 hoops team, the University of Louisville Cardinals) is so wonderful.

"This is a great way for us to leave a mark, albeit a temporary one, in Indianapolis," Mayor Jerry Abramson said in a statement.

"We want the people of Indianapolis to know that Louisville is a 'city of possibilities,' a city where a national championship is in the Cards."

Watch it there, Louisville. "City of possibilities" is way too close to "Room for Dreams." Wouldn't want a lawsuit in addition to the laser ban, would you? And how dare a podunk, wannabe big city put on airs in a world-class city like Indianapolis? How do we know it's world-class. Well, the newspaper capitalizes Downtown, that's how. Does the Courier-Journal write "D"owntown Louisville or just "d"owntown? Thought so.

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