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Opening Arguments

Do as we say, not as we do

It's not just Congress that exempts itself from the rules it passes for others:

Fishers might soon be taking advantage of a new ordinance that exempts the town from its own development standards.

The Town Council approved leases with T-Mobile and Cingular, now part of AT&T. They plan to build cell towers on town property, some of which borders homes.

One of the towers would violate at least two rules outlined in the town's development standards. Development Director Wes Bucher is reviewing the projects to see if the towers fall under the exemptions the Town Council passed July 6.

Not many Fishers residents are likely to object, except the handful of soreheads whose homes will be right next to the towers, because the town will make some nice money from the deal and because it has only one cell-phone tower now, which surely must cut down on people's ability to annoy others by talking on their cells too loudly at restaurants. Attach some windmills to the towers, and not even the cranks will dare complain.