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Opening Arguments

Dog days

The juxtaposition of the day is for all you dog lovers out there. First, we have the story of a brave woman's demise:

Police in western Indiana say a woman trying to remove her injured dog from a highway was struck and killed by a vehicle.

The Clay County Sheriff's Department says a witness saw 25-year-old Roxanne Buescher of Brazil bent over in the roadway of Indiana 340 just before the vehicle came over a hill and hit her.

And then we have the story of the Nebraska man who sacrificed himself for his dogs in a different wayturned himself into kibble:

Two dogs are up for adoption in Papillon, Neb. -- and they have a unique back story that the Humane Society hopes won't deter potential adopters.

Police said the owner of pugs Harry and Sally committed suicide in his suburban Omaha home two weeks ago. His body was just found last Friday. Because Harry and Sally were alone and hungry, their instincts kicked in.

The Humane Society says it's perfectly safe to adopt Harry and Sally "because they don't have memories like people do."