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Opening Arguments

Dollars and sense

Good luck with that:

"We have proven that money is not the answer to great education," says Dr. Tony Bennett (R) Indiana's Superintendent of Public Instruction. Since taking office in January, Bennett has pushed schools to spend more efficiently, "We put a lot of money in education over the last 4 or 5 years in terms of increases and we've really had negligible results."

[. . .]

"We have to get out of the mindset that money solves the problem. Great teachers, great principals, committed communities to their schools will solve the problem," Bennett says.

But money solves everything, Mr. Bennett. And if you spend and spend and spend, and what you're spending on doesn't improve or even gets worse, you know what that means? You're not spending enough yet! Spend some more!

You're not really going to get anywhere in politics with an attitude like that, and you really are an odd duck to be involved in public education.